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לוגו ליאב שלם באנגלית

Liav Shalem is a landscape architect and an ecologist.

Liav received his B.A. in landscape architecture from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and his M.A. in environmental studies from Tel Aviv University. He believes that combining both of the disciplines of landscape architecture and ecology, enables both the construction of a natural biological system and the design of an optimal and sustainable landscape. 

Liav works as an ecological consultant to the Tel Aviv municipality, and as the ecologist at Ganei Yahushua Company, which manages the largest metropolitan park in Israel. Liav specializes in the conservation and restoration of wetlands and coastal ecosystems, such as winter pools (vernal pools), wetlands and streams, sandy habitats and red loam soil. His projects take place in the city and open green areas, and employ his unique spatial model which involves the community in the rehabilitation process.

ליאב שלם

Our firm plans and delivers a wide range of landscape and ecology projects. Including:

Planning of both urban and rural parks, parking lots, recreation sites and educational centers, giving strong consideration of ecological aspects of the design.

Planning nature based solutions as an act to climate changes.

Designing regional landscape master plans with an emphasis on ecological and hydrological aspects.

Creating vernal pools and various habitats with a holistic view of ecosystem requirements.

Consulting for municipalities on ecology and biodiversity.

Restoration of various habitats (vernal pools, streams and sandy habitats etc), raising their ecological and scenic value.

Community Involvement projects for the restoration of ecological systems, using a unique model combining restoration with a site information system.

Project aims

  • Increasing biodiversity in open, interfered or deserted land cells

  • Creating sites attractive for recreation and enrichment for local communities

  • Raising the quality of life for nearby residents as a direct result of landscaping

  • Creating of a natural environment

  • Community involvement and investment in the natural environment.

Liav works side by side with botanists, soil experts and other ecologists to better understand every site's unique values, thus providing an accurate solution to its needs.



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